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Worker’s Compensation


f you are injured on the job, you need an experienced workman’s compensation attorney on your side. Your employer will have attorney representation and you deserve the same.

Many workmen’s compensation cases look the same at the beginning – an employee is injured and his or her employee promises to provide support in any way possible. If the employee trusts the employer, he or she focuses on recovery and assumes the medical bills and other costs associated with the accident will be taken care of. Unfortunately, a rude awakening is often just around the corner and the employee soon learns it is the employer’s bottom line that is the priority.

If you are injured on the job it is essential you seek the support of an experienced attorney. No matter how your employer handles the situation, there are legal issues that require the knowledge of a workman’s compensation attorney. And since laws related to workplace injuries vary from state to state, it is important you work with a Washington attorney that understands your case.

Antoni Froehling has experience representing Washington area employees injured on the job. To schedule a consultation to discuss your workman’s compensation case, contact him at 253.770.0116 or by email at