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Auto AccidentsRead More

Suffering injuries in an auto accident is a frightening experience. Whether your injuries are minor or life-changing, you deserve compensation to help you with medical bills, vehicle repairs, and time spent away from work. Working with an experienced Washington attorney is essential in cases such as this. Many victims of auto accidents find themselves battling insurance companies.

Motorcycle AccidentsRead More

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be one of the most devastating experiences of your life. In addition to the physical injuries you suffer, you will likely face months or longer battling insurance companies for the compensation you deserve. The only way to ensure a fair settlement following a motorcycle accident is to work with an experienced Washington attorney.

Trucking AccidentsRead More

Despite the experience professional truckers have driving many people are still injured by their mistakes on the road. Sometimes, it is the truck drivers themselves that suffer. Long hours spent driving with little sleep and difficult driving conditions often result in mishaps on the road. If you have been injured in a trucking accident in Washington, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Boating AccidentsRead More

A day spent on a boat can be an exciting experience, but it can also turn ugly if you are injured in a boating accident. Personal injury cases that involve boating accidents are often overlooked, but in a coastal state like Washington, they are all too common. If you are injured in a boating accident, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Worker’s CompensationRead More

If you are injured on the job, you need an experienced workman’s compensation attorney on your side. Your employer will have attorney representation and you deserve the same. Many workmen’s compensation cases look the same at the beginning – an employee is injured and his or her employee promises to provide support in any way possible. If the employee trusts the employer, he or she focuses on recovery and assumes the medical bills and other costs associated with the accident will be taken care of.

Construction LitigationRead More

Construction disputes can involve a variety of issues: You might be sold a building with a construction or design defect, or a contractor or subcontractor might not uphold his or her end of the bargain. No matter the specific issue, a construction deal did not turn out as you thought it would. In order to avoid issues in construction and to protect your rights when a construction dispute does arise, you need the assistance of an experienced Washington construction attorney.

Estate Planning & ProbateRead More

Estate planning can be a difficult task for families, but avoiding the issue makes things unnecessarily complicated in the long run. An experienced estate planning and probate attorney can help you make important decisions now, so your family will face fewer challenges once you are gone. Planning for the time when you are no longer here comes with many challenges.

Police MisconductRead More

The job of law enforcement is to protect citizens and communities from crime, but occasionally officers overstep their boundaries. If you are a victim of police misconduct, you deserve to have your rights defended and protected. An experienced Washington attorney can help. Police misconduct can result in serious injury. Many who are injured in confrontations with law enforcement are faced with expensive medical bills, time lost from work, and criminal charges they do not deserve.