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Estate Planning & Probate


state planning can be a difficult task for families, but avoiding the issue makes things unnecessarily complicated in the long run. An experienced estate planning and probate attorney can help you make important decisions now, so your family will face fewer challenges once you are gone.

Planning for the time when you are no longer here comes with many challenges. In addition to understanding the particular laws in your state, you must also make difficult decisions about your assets. Estate planning also includes important decisions about the care of your children, should you die before they are able to care for themselves.

Often when these important decisions are neglected, the family estate ends up in probate. This can also occur even if relatives have done careful legal planning. Overlooking a minor update to a will or trust can create months of legal battles for loved ones. When this occurs, it is important to have the representation of an experienced estate planning and probate attorney familiar with Washington laws.

Antoni Froehling has experience representing Washington area families. He can help you plan your estate or sort out the confusion that occurs following a loved one’s death. To speak to Mr. Froehling, contact him at 253.770.0116 or by email at