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Auto Accidents


uffering injuries in an auto accident is a frightening experience. Whether your injuries are minor or life-changing, you deserve compensation to help you with medical bills, vehicle repairs, and time spent away from work. Working with an experienced Washington attorney is essential in cases such as this.

Many victims of auto accidents find themselves battling insurance companies. Receiving fair compensation might require a trip to the courtroom, but many cases such as this are settled outside of court. In either situation, it is important for you to have adequate legal representation to negotiate on your behalf and build the strongest case possible in your favor.

The priority of the insurance company is to protect their client’s and their own bottom line. Even if they offer you what appears to be a generous settlement, their primary goal is to wrap things up as quickly as possible, even if it means cheating you out of money you deserve. A knowledgeable attorney knows what to expect from insurance companies and what you can do to ensure you are compensated fairly.

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